Portfolio > Cubes Divided Equally into 3

Cubes = Divided into 3 #21
Acrylic on Canvas over Panel
20" x 20"

Cubes Divided Equally Into 3

This series features geometric forms segmented into oddly numbered but equal sections. Because they are divided in this manner, the relationships between them are complex. Ashewing the binary perspective found in previous works, these complex geometric forms are familiar to the viewer as singular cubes. The individual pieces that make up each cube suggest movement by completing the cube in the viewer’s mind.

Often the design is rotated 180 degrees in the painting & the transparency & perspective gives the same forms depth & movement. This is the second manifestation of this series. The first was completed without the intersecting lines.

These paintings were completed by painting the line color first over the entire canvas. Then the design was drawn & the sections were filled by painting to the line. As the painting developed, there were semi transparent layers added to complete the piece.

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