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Inner/Outer Cubes #1
Inner/Outer Cubes #1
Acrylic on Canvas over Panel
32" x 48"

Inner/Outer Cubes

Initially developed from a transparency study of interior & exterior cubes, this series explores spatial depth & relationships through color & structure. Interior objects start to float & separate from the outer forms depending on the amount of contrasting color between the inner & outer forms. The objects still maintain relationships between the cubes through line. By using a different line color the forms seperate even further.

There are some paintings in this series where the larger form opens up on an unexpected side by use of color & lighting similarities. This creates the illusion that the box is open instead of a closed cube.

This work was completed using the same process as "Cubes Divided Equally into 3," with the expection of adding a second line color before the forms were painted.